Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Relics of Buddha’s footprints found

The relics of two footprints (paada) of Buddha, each of
Relics of Buddha’s footprints founded by Tavva Obul Reddy
one sq. metre size, and ancient historical artefacts such as six “Veeragallu” dating to the fourth century A.D. were discovered in agricultural fields near Venkataramapuram and Anjaneya Kottala in Pullur village, about 15 km. from Mydukur in Kadapa district.
Telugu Bhashodyama Samakhya Rayalaseema area secretary, Writer Tavva Obul Reddy, member Dharmisetty Ramana and Assistant Director of State Archaeology Department, Ramana, recently visited Pullur and found the artefacts as well as traced the origin of an ardent devotee of Sri Venugopala Swamy, Kundavaram Chowdappa. Chowdappa was a poet in the court of the Matli king, Ananthabhoopaludu, who served the Vijayanagar empire, dating to the 16th century A.D. in Pullur village.
Stone inscriptions
The name of Birudanka town ruled by king Birudankithudu was changed to Pullur after a “puli” (tiger) killed a pregnant woman, according to McKenzie’s Kaifiyats, written two centuries ago.
A stone inscription has Buddha’s footprints with the five fingers of equal size and three chakras and figurines of humans, horses and lions carved along the border. Another inscription of Buddha’s footprints has flowers carved along the borders.
However, local residents believed that the footprints on the tank bund near Venkataramapuram were those of Lord Vishnu, Mr. Obul Reddy told The Hindu. The villagers performed abhishekam of the “paada mudrika” with water whenever they faced drought conditions.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obul Reddy Tavva, Writer

Tavva Obul Reddy born in Bakkayapalle in Khajipet mandal of Kadapa

district . As a short story writer and freelance journalist,Obul Reddy wrote 20 short stories and a good number of poems and articles in esteemed in telugu magazines and dailies so for. All India Radio, Kadapa broadcasted 20 short stories written by him. His short stories depicts the rural life in a canvas mixed with social melodies and tragedies. His short stories "Utchu" "Nava Vasantham". "Kadupaatram", "kerintha" "Smruthi Patham" Toli Gudise republished in to short story collections. " Inupa Gajjela Savvadi", "Maayaajaalam" won first and second prizes in Ugaadi short story contests. His articles deals with social concept with more emphasis on rural and farming issues and regional problems. Obul Reddy edited "Kadapa Katha" , " Rayalaseema Vaibhavam ", and " Sangeeta Parichaya Deepika " books. Kadapa Katha is a collection of 47 short stories of kadapa district writers. The stories represents their plots in the span of 50 years from 1956 to 2006. Rayalaseema Vaibhavam is a sovenier represents the socio, literary, geographic , historical and cultural aspects of Rayalaseema. And Sangeeta Parichaya Deepika is an introductory book on Music. The book comprises a collection of articles on music,along with Keertanas, folk Songs and Slokas. Obul Reddy is also participated as Andhra Pradesh State text book writer. He wrote lessions in 3rd, 6th,7th class Telugu text books. 

 His stories and articles won awards and prizes . Vaartha daily honoured him with the Best Journalist award. Tavva Obul Reddy won best writer award for his book "Gandikota" from tourism department, governament of AndhraPradesh.

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